What Our Clients are Saying

  • “No Barriers Base Camp was one of the best if not the best learning and development experience I have had not only at Wells Fargo but in my career.”
  • “I felt it pushed me more than other programs. It made me think more about how I was going to change myself in deeper ways.”
  • “This is a great executive development experience. it provided guided ‘white space’ for really examining ourselves and considering specific action to elevate.”
  • “It provided some “quiet” time with the Team where we distanced ourselves from the “noise” of the day to day. It also provided good thinking time for myself – to leave some things behind!
  • “It gave me the opportunity to meet my new team members outside of workplace, making my transition into the team much smoother.”
  • “Since I returned, I have mentioned to many of my colleagues what a great experience I had. The offering has a lot of potential for intact teams who need to build stronger and more effective teams. In addition, there is huge value in bringing leaders from different businesses and functions to foster a unified mind-set and build strong partnerships (rope team) and remove barriers within our company.”
  • 100% agree that the program helped them see adversity as a meaningful way to grow and develop
  • 90% say the program helped them gain a renewed connection to their values and vision
  • Net Promoter Score of 87