Program Offerings

We work with clients to co-create experiences that transform their teams and organizations. Though you might begin anywhere on our “me to we” journey, most of our clients begin with the following three elements of our portfolio:

Base Camp

The No Barriers Base Camp is a multi-day experiential learning experience that guides you through the process of evaluating and articulating your personal vision and anticipating challenges that arise when you invite adversity into your life. You’ll identify creative solutions to working through those challenges and learn how to harness the power of adversity into a positive force that drives you and those around you to contribute your best.

Online Learning

Our virtual adventures create engaged leaders with the right mindset for success by providing a suite of inspiring experiences led by the most astonishing experts who have overcome adversities.  Combining online and offline learning, these each online module unlocks a collection of individual and team-based learning assignments that hone the participant’s skills in applying their mindset to real world challenges.


No Barriers onsite workshops bring our transformative experiences to your meeting spaces and conference rooms.
Whether it’s a small group of 10-20 leaders or a large team of hundreds, our talented facilitators, speakers and performers
bring the No Barriers concepts to life in fun and interactive ways. From Vision to Elevate, we offer two-hour to daylong
workshops based on each of our life elements – choose what your team wants to focus on and we’ll take it from there!
Whether you’re hosting a big sales conference or you want a targeted team to home in on their ability to pioneer through
adversity, we work with each client to create customized solutions to meet your needs. Pair an onsite workshop with the
launch of our virtual learning experience to create a powerful kickoff event for your No Barriers initiatives!

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