Our Philosophy

We don’t just work anymore. It’s not that simple.

Who you are at work and who you are in life matters. It matters to you, your teammates, your company, and your community.

Today’s professionals face a major challenge — how to live with meaning and influence in a world of overwhelming tasks and demands. Somehow, you must have a coherent professional life that leads, inspires, contributes, and uplifts. To create results and metrics is necessary but not enough; to be your best and most fulfilled is essential but incomplete; to foster goodness and excellence around you is what others require and what you seek.

No Barriers Leadership takes what you already know — that in and around you are barriers that keep you from reaching your full potential — and helps you shape profound advantage and deep meaning for yourself, your team, your business, and your community. By combining capable facilitators with our No Barriers Life curriculum, we immerse you in the power of experiential learning and the influence of a compelling leadership journey.

As a result, you leave our programs knowing that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.

The No Barriers Life

Every day we see people who, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, somehow succeed. While others are pounded down by an incessant avalanche of change, these individuals are able to consistently rise up and break through, becoming more skilled and empowered as they go. Adversity doesn’t create insurmountable barriers for them. Each hardship is a challenge, each challenge is an opportunity, and each opportunity is embraced.  

The philosophy we teach was built by these very individuals.  Individuals like Erik Weihenmayer, our co-founder, the first man who is blind to have reached the Seven Summits (including Mount Everest) and kayaked the full length of the Grand Canyon.  

We call this philosophy the No Barriers Life.

The End Result

After our programs, you’ll go forward with the confidence to tap your personal power and presence and to invite others to do the same. You’ll remember that leading well is a lifelong process, and one that can’t wait another minute. You’ll learn to harness adversity – reframing how you think about the constant challenges you face. And you’ll know how to shape the mindset and practice of others, elevating the lives of those around you.