Other No Barriers Programs

In addition to Leading Beyond Barriers, No Barriers USA runs several other major programs.

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The No Barriers Summit is a premier immersive event that brings together people of all abilities who are transcending barriers to unleash their fullest potential and live a life of purpose. The Summit provides inspirational storytelling, curriculum to live by, authentic experiences, a showcase of innovations to prove that anything is possible, and connection to others who will help you get from where you are to where you want to be. This is all packaged in a four-day event that feels like an outdoor festival and has the energy of a live concert!  No Barriers is an inclusive community and the entire Summit experience is accessible. This event is for anyone interested in breaking barriers in themselves, their communities, and maybe the world.

No Barriers Warriors improves the lives of veterans with disabilities through transformative, curriculum-based expeditions in challenging outdoor environments. Serving all branches of the military and all eras of service, each No Barriers Warriors expedition is designed to push veterans mentally and physically in some of nature’s more incredible wilderness settings. We create a safe space and encourage them to reflect on their past, recognize where they are in the present and then look with positivity to the future. The experience serves as a catalyst for change as veterans stretch their boundaries, innovate through adversity, and build lifelong rope teams.

NOB_YouthNo Barriers Youth is a premier educational program challenging young people to contribute their absolute best to the world as global learners. Whether through school, camp, or domestic and international expeditions, participants are put on a path to fulfill their potential, both personally and as agents of positive change in the world. We have nearly 15 years of experience working with schools and students from around the world including diverse populations of students who are economically underserved and students with and without disabilities.