Team Clay

Around two years, Clay Schwinger started raising donations for No Barriers as part of a good deed project for his Bar-Mitzvah.  The fundraising name is Teton 2013 Team Clay and his intentions were to summit the Grand Teton last summer when he was 12 years old with his dad and his older brother Perry.  He raised over $1,100 and he since has received a No Barriers flag.

Last year, bad weather prohibited his summit attempt, so the three of them returned to the Grand Teton this summer on August 15th and summited the Grand via the upper Exum ridge on August 18th. Clay completed the climb in great fashion.  He did not use a guiding service which made the climb somewhat more demanding for Clay as he carried a heavier pack to the lower saddle than if he was with a guiding service.  He was an awesome climbing partner for his dad and brother.

Speaking for Clay, he was very proud to hold up the flag on the summit and wishes No Barriers the best on going success in helping wounded war veterans.