Christine: Returning Home from the Summit

I live in southern California and decided to make the trip to the No Barrier Summit in Telluride, Colorado on my own. Along the way, I stopped off to hike, photograph and explore much of Colorado. In total, I drove myself over 1700 miles and had a blast with all of the people I met at the Summit and along the way.

What I hoped to accomplish with this trip was to show that it’s possible for a disabled woman to travel alone and have a great time. I hoped to demonstrate that with a little planning and a good attitude, the world will open up to you in amazing ways.

This is important to me because I grew up in and out of wheelchairs and hospitals and fantasized about being the type of adult who would do such preposterous, independent things. No Barriers helped me realize that I’m not the only disabled person who wants so much adventure in their lives, and that together we can make these things happen for ourselves and each other.

Thanks so much for putting on the Summit; it was completely wonderful!